OBJECTIVE: Develop a brand for Pule Cheese that caters to its specific audience while capturing the true mission behind its creation.
TOOLS: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate
The Balkan Donkey was endangered in the 1990s. Serbian farmer Slobodan Simic gathered these underfed animals and, as of 2017, has developed a farm of at least 200 donkeys. While these animals repopulate, their milk is sold at $11/oz and cheese at $37/oz. It takes a year to produce roughly 8,000 liters of this rare milk and longer to produce Pule Cheese.
The Consumer
Establishing a Brand
The brand mark for Magareci captures the bond between female and male donkeys when bred for repopulation.
Visual System
The Product
Consumers can purchase Magareci in 2oz quantities for $75 per box.
Consumers also have the option to purchase a 12oz glass bottle of pure donkey milk, which costs $18. The milk is known to carry many health benefits, which are so great that even Cleopatra used to bathe in donkey milk.
A purchase from Magareci always includes a personalized thank you card. It's a reminder to consumers that they are not only purchasing the most rare and expensive cheese in the whole world, but they are supporting the repopulation of the endangered Balkan donkey.

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